Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship: A state of consciousness

Trance is a state of consciousness that we all experience during the day. It is a natural state of our consciousness and often we don’t think about it. Sometimes when driving your car you suddenly realize that you are further upon the journey than you thought. On other occasions we can “daydream”. These moments we call “trance” or an altered state of consciousness. There are many levels in the trance state, but most of us come in daily life in a “light” state. Trance can happen spontaneously without influence of the Spirit World.

In trance mediumship it is the Spirit World working with the medium in that state. The medium is in an altered state of consciousness, a more passive state than the normal awakened state. In trance mediumship (which is still mental mediumship because the Spirit World uses the mind of the medium), the Spirit World can control the mind of the medium. The level of control varies from inspired thought, conscious control, light trance to the deeper or even higher states. When there is control from the Spirit World there is always cooperation between the medium and the Spirit World. The Spirit World do not posses the medium in any way and there is only that blending of two minds and energy between the medium and the communicator in the Spirit World. There is a strong blending and interaction of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the Spirit World.

Trance mediumship takes time to develop

You cannot develop trance mediumship quickly, It takes years of development to become a good instrument for the Spirit World in this way. Trance mediumship can be used to give healing from the Spirit World to people in our world. Also it is used to give inspiration, philosophy and in some cases even proof of life after life. In physical mediumship, most mediums work from a deep trance state but their are exceptions!

Trance mediumship is as old as mankind

Trance mediumship is just like the other forms of mediumship as old as mankind. In Holland we don’t see many true trance mediums working publicly. And that is a pity as it is such an beautiful form of mediumship where heart and soul can be touched and knowledge, inspiration and healing can be shared from the Spirit World. During my Zwanenhof courses I offer trance demonstrations.

In my Centre I provide moments of development and workshops in the field of trance and the altered states. I am also a course organizer on some Trance and Physical weeks at the Zwanenhof. For more information, please go to the page “Development”.

On this page you find some picture of wonderful trance mediums in history of Spiritualism.

Gladys Osbourne Leonard

Emma Hardinge Britten

Maurice Barbanell


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