Seances, meetings with the Spirit World

During the past 10 years physical mediumship entered my life. I have attended and experienced many séances with amazing physical mediums, but also have I experienced the downsides that disappointed me and made me sceptical and critical. On the page “Physical mediumship” I explain what physical mediumship is. The word “séance” comes from the French language and means: sitting or meeting..

In 1848 the Fox sisters from America gave public séances after they discovered that they could communicate with the Spirit World via rappings. The Fox sisters played a big part at start of Modern Spiritualism. In the mid 1800’s seances were held with a group of people sitting in a circle or around a table. They joined together in the hope that eventually communication with or a manifestion from with the Spirit World would take place. The medium sat in a cabinet or at the table.

Many séances were held in the homes and are called “Home circles”. Very often the home circle was formed of friends and family. By sitting together in harmony and love and often in dimmed light or darkened conditions, all of them hoped to be able to connect to the Spirit World. Sometimes the Spirit World made known who the particular medium was that was meant to be developed.

Unfortunately we live a time now where people find it difficult to create time and space for their own development and sitting for the Spirit World. Let alone that people are motivated to dedicate time in the development of a physical medium or circle. I am privileged that I do have a very dedicated and wonderful group of people, the Circle of Life. For years we come together on a weekly base for the development of physical mediumship. What an amazing journey we share as a circle in companionship with the Spirit World!


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