Prices 2019

Mixed-Level Mediumship development route:

There are 8 days from 10-16.30 every year. The price for the course per year is € 580,- (coffee/tea included). 

Intensive Healing Development route:

There are 6 days from 10-16.30 every year and one week of (trance)healing or Self development as part of this week at the Zwanenhof. The price for the course is 465 euros (week not included). 

Trance Development Route:

This group joins together 10 times per year and the price for the course per year is 720 euros (coffee/tea included).

Private sitting (not available):

€ 60,00 for 45 minutes. During courses at the Zwanenhof a private sitting is 60 euros for 30 minutes. It is not possible to book a sitting at the moment, but you can contact me for details of other mediums.

Healing sitting:

An individual healing session at the Zwanenhof costs 35 euros for 30 minutes. It is only possible to book one during one of the courses.

Demonstration of Mediumship:

Minimum of 20 people, price depends on venue and amount of people

Other workshops:

All two day workshops: € 180,00 including coffee/tea. It is possible to book an extra lunch at the Zwanenhof.

One day workshops: € 90,00 including coffee/tea.

Practice groups:

€ 10,00 for guests, students are free of charge. There are no groups scheduled for 2018..

Zwanenhof courses:

For more information on prices and program, see the details on the Zwanenhofpage of this website.

Account number Centre for Mediumship and Healing

NL91ABNA0468066020 t.n.v. N.J de Haas

To inspire

Don't be afraid
My voice won't hurt
My presence is here
To give you wings

Wings of love and affection
Allow them to take you
High into the realms of Spirit
A world of light with new tomorrows
The soul rejuvenating and remembering its existence

Don't be afraid
My voice won't hurt
My presence is here
To give you feet
Feet to stay firmly on the ground

Allow the to take you
Into new chapters in life
Down the streets of strength and faith
A world of challenge with the memory of today
The mind creating and fulfilling its purpose

Don't be afraid
My voice won't hurt
My presence is here
Always and everywhere

By: Silver Cloud


nicole de haas


Member of Snu

Mediumschap Nicole de Haas


Nicole de Haas
Prinsenkampsweg 30
7605 CV Almelo

T. 06-18 34 84 30