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My new book now for sale!

Nicole de Haas works a a medium and teacher all over the world and also at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. This book has been an important part of her work since the start of her involvement in mediumship. It shows that the Spirit World always finds ways and knows the way if we listen to it and to the whispers of our own soul. All the inspiration, poetry and philosophy is received through the trance mediumship of Nicole de Haas, and the message of Silver Cloud has already touched many people as the power of love goes Beyond Words…Allow his beautiful words to touch your soul!

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Open Days Mediumship de Zwanenhof

  • 31st of August and 1st of September 2019
Open Weekend Mediumship '19
Following the success of previous years...
Also in 2019, there will be open mediumship days at De Zwanenhof this year too. During these days you can spend some time getting to know the many aspects of mediumship and healing. Several mediums, most of them are teachers from the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, will be providing an ongoing program with demonstrations, healings, lectures and private consultations.
All of this will take place in the beautiful old chapel and the charming chambers of De Zwanenhof.
An ideal opportunity to get acquainted with mediumship as well as with the mediums!!!
For an entrance fee of € 25,- (per day) you can attend demonstrations, throughout the day, during which contact will be made with loved ones who have passed on.
During the lectures you can find out more about different aspects of mediumship. Healings will be available continuously. Would you like to deepen your knowledge further at home? Then you can visit our Book store which has books on mediumship and meditation CD’s to help you to immerse in the subject matter and to develop further. There is extensive information on the courses and the training possibilities in the field of mediumistic and intuitive development.
You can book a private consultation with a medium if you wish. This cost’s € 35,- for a 20 minute sitting or reading.
€ 45,- for a sitting during which your aura photo is read (20 minutes)
€ 50,- for a (30 minutes) sitting during which a drawing is made of a diseased loved-one (spirit art)
€ 50,- for a (30 minutes) sitting during which the medium will work with encaustic wax
There are a few Dutch speaking mediums available for the private consultations and demonstrations. The rest of the program is mainly in English, but part of the program will be translated to Dutch and German
The sittings can only be booked on the day, on the spot - full is full.
If you have come a long distance you can spend a night here on Friday or Saturday.
You can also book yourself in for a lunch on Saturday or Sunday or for a dinner on Friday or Saturday.
In short, a day to potter around in the charming surroundings of De Zwanenhof and to discover many of the things which mediumship has to offer.
You can select one of the following prices (including course fee, all meals, coffee/tea):
€ 25,00 Entrance per day
The following options are available for this event:
€ 57,00 Overnight Fr 30 st August, incl. breakfast
€ 10,00 Lunch Saturday
€ 18,50 Dinner Saturday
€ 57,00 Overnight Saturday August 31, incl. breakfast
€ 10,00 Lunch Sunday
€ 18,50 Dinner Sunday
€ 57,00 Overnight Sunday, Sept 1st incl. breakfast
31 August 2019 from 08:00 until 17:00
1 September 2019 from 08:00 until 17:00
Bookings: or +31-742659525

Mediumship: A unique expression (English speaking and German translation)

  • 14-19th of July 2019
Mediumship: a unique expression: German speaking week '19

Teachers: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark

Are you ready to explore your mediumistic ability? Do you wish to embrace in life that spiritual, intuitive part which is part of who you are? Have you already done some training in your mediumship and do you want to strengthen that part? This course is designed for all levels and offers you, besides mental mediumship, the possibility to explore your creative part for those who wish to and the opportunity to explore altered states of consciousness.

Everyone can work according to their own knowledge and abilities. Beginners can become acquainted with mediumship in different aspects and with working with their own psychic faculties in a safe environment. The more advanced students will be able to expand their skills under the experienced guidance of a passionate team of teachers, also known for their teaching at the Arthur Findlay College.

You will have the opportunity to discover and strengthen your relationship with the Spirit World, building your confidence and learning how to enhance your power. For those who are ready to take that next step in public you will have opportunities to explore and expand on public demonstrations, public speaking and private sittings. Also (trance)healing and personal development have their part within this week on all levels. The program is a variety of lectures, demonstrations and meditations in the beautiful chapel in De Zwanenhof. In addition there will be work in smaller teaching groups with a lot of personal attention.

You will have a very interesting and dynamic program which allows you to get the best from all the tutors! You can book private sittings (not included in the price) with one of the teachers during this week. Also a demonstration of mediumship and a trance demonstration or seance will be part of the program. Our aim is for you to take that next step in your unfoldment in your own unique way and to be part of a week of knowledge, joy, challenge, discovery and sharing in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Booking and information:

Weekend Special for Mediumship and Healing 2019

  • 6-8th of September 2019
Weekend Special for Mediumship & Healing '19

Teachers: Nicole de Haas, Philip Dykes

This popular weekend was the start of the mediumship and healing courses at the Zwanenhof in 2010 and it is still a weekend not to be missed! Do you want to explore and deepen your spirituality and mediumship and/or healing abilities during this intensive but exciting weekend? This weekend is intended in particular for those who are interested in spirituality and who would like to discover and/or develop their mediumship in a responsible way. The program is geared towards every level and is therefore appropriate for both beginners and advanced mediumship students. In addition to following the course in your own group there is also the possibility to follow combination lessons in the form of tutorials or lectures.

There will be an abundance of personal attention in the groups. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced medium; this weekend will help you to strengthen your spiritual talent and to stretch yourself.

There will also be a special group for those who are interested in ‘mediumistic healing’ or a combination group for those who are looking for a combination of mediumship and healing. It is possible to book a private sitting with one of the teachers (not included) and also, a demonstration of mediumship is part of the program. Please join us on this exciting weekend!

Booking and information:

Expect the Unexpected 2019 (English speaking and translated into Finnish)

  • 13-18th of October 2019
Expect the Unexpected. Finnish Week '19

Teachers: Nicole de Haas, David Schiesser, Jenny de Boer

Are you ready to explore the infinite possibilities of the Spirit World and discover your own unique potential in several aspects of mediumship? We are all on an eternal journey and you can always open up to more of who you are. If we recognize and acknowledge that amazing soul that we truly are, we can celebrate our mediumship that is part of our life’s journey.

Many people in this world are searching for a greater understanding of mediumship and the reality of life after life, not only to find answers but also to build that relationship with the Spirit World and their own Spirit. In this course you will have the opportunity to discover and strengthen your relationship with the Spirit World, building your confidence and learning how to enhance your power.

Are you ready to explore your mediumistic ability within your field of interest? Do you wish to embrace in life that spiritual, intuitive part which is part of who you are? Are you a seeker of spiritual truth? Then this is a week for you! The mainfocus this week will be on psychic and mediumistic work, trance, healing and psychic/spirit art. This week will be under guidance of Nicole de Haas and her wonderful team. They all have a wealth of experience in their field of mediumship and as tutors at the Arthur Findlay College and/or other places around the world. They all are looking forward to welcome you in Holland for this wonderful experience!

The program is a variety of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations of (trance) mediumship or a séance, Spirit Art and meditations in the beautiful chapel in De Zwanenhof. In addition there will be work in smaller teaching groups with a lot of personal attention. Also it is possible to book a sitting or healing with one of the teachers (not included).

The whole week will be in English but fully translated into Finnish. Especially for international students there is the possibility to book for a pick up service from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. During the week you also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of the Zwanenhof area and an excursion will be arranged to enjoy this area of Holland!

Nicole would like to invite you to Holland for this wonderful week to celebrate the magic of working with each other and the Spirit World! Our aim is to provide a week full of joy, knowledge and development. A week that will bring new friendships with each other and the World of Spirit.

Booking and information:

Trance and Physical Experience 2019

  • 8-13th of December 2019
Trance & Physical Experience '19

Teachers: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark, Lynn Parker, David Schiesser

This wonderful and unique week is a very popular week for years! A team of teachers and mediums, all of whom have many years of experience and most of whom are tutors at the Arthur Findlay College, has been put together for this wonderful course. Due to the intensity of the program the groups will be limited to 12 students each.

This week will allow you to experience deeper levels of altered states. During this week the main focus is on trance healing and trance speaking. You will gain a greater understanding of spirit communication in your own unique way and be able to develop trust. We will give you insight into what happens during a trance state and how to enhance it. You will be guided to find and to maintain that unique and strong connection to Spirit. Developing your trance abilities also enhances the development of all other areas of your mental mediumship.

We will also explore, receive insight and experience into the various forms of physical mediumship and we will experiment in different seance conditions. Physical mediumship is rare but it can give you a life changing experience as there is no other form of mediumship that will bring the spirit world so close and it is wonderful to experience their love and presence is this tangible way. During the week Nicole will share her knowledge and experience in physical mediumship, which is a specialist part of mediumship. Also she will provide during the week a seance of physical mediumship.

Also various trance demonstrations as well as a demonstration of mediumship will be part of the program during the week. You can book private consultations or a healing (not included in the price) with one of the teachers during this week. The teachers of this week are all selected on their knowledge and experience in the field of trance and/or physical mediumship. Come and join us on a great course not to be missed with the finest teachers in the field of trance and physical mediumship. We are there for you to encourage and support you on your own personal journey.

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Sardinia Retreat 2020

  • 21st-28th of April 2020
Iam going back to this wonderful monastery in Sardinia where in April 2020, I will organise with Suzanne Tempel a retreat week of Self discovery, self healing, inspiration, spirituality and consciousness training. The week is full board and one excursion is included. Please contact me for more information for this wonderful week.


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