Mental Mediumship

Experiences with the Spirit World

Mediums are ordinary people who, by developing their natural ability in mediumship, are able to communicate to the world of Spirit. Everyone is capable of having an experience with the Spirit World.

In mental mediumship the medium is able to raise his/her vibration to be able to connect to the Spirit World as they bring their energy closer to the medium. A mental medium receives information through their clair senses that we know as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear tasting), clairknowing.

This information is not observable to others therefore it is subjective. It is important that the medium gives proof that there is contact with a loved one in Spirit. Examples of specific evidence could be: way of passing, the relationship with the loved one, information about work/hobbies, shared memories but also the felt presence of the loved one in Spirit.

Perception and Trance

This type of mediumship is most common and can be divided into two aspects: Perception and trance. Perception means that the medium is able to experience and translate images, sound, smell, feelings and is an active form of mediumship. A private sitting or a demonstration of mediumship is a good example. Trance mediumship is also mental mediumship but requires a very passive state and more information is to be found on the page "Trance mediumschap".

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Attending a demonstration of mediumship

The Centre for Mediumship and Healing offers opportunities to attend a demonstration of mediumship and also provides moments for you to explore and develop your mediumship. Mediumship brings you closer to yourself, your soul and makes you more aware of how your soul needs to express itself in this world. It is a wonderful way to come closer you your Self! You don’t need any ambition to become a medium or to explore and deepen this wonderful process of unfoldment. More information is to be found on the page “Development”.


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