Mediumship: life after this life


We all have intuition and that is something we can develop. Everyone can have an experience with the Spirit World and develop their mediumship to a certain extent, but I do believe that certain aspects of mediumship should be there naturally. As a medium I don’t only give evidence of our loved ones in the Spirit World. On many occasions there are unanswered questions and sometimes they still can give us the support we need. As a medium I wish to bring awareness that there is no death, that our loved ones are still very much alive and experiencing a new aspect of their lives but still in touch with us.


If joy is imprisoned at last,
by the Guard called your Past
Then only worries and sorrow
will visit your Tomorrow.
The key can be found this present day
To unlock and allow happiness to stay.

By: Silver Cloud


During a private sitting, as a medium, I make contact with loved ones who passed to the Spirit World: these could be family members, friends or acquaintances. Although they can no longer be physically seen, they would still like you to know that they are close. They also want to help you in your life. As a medium I receive information about their relationship with you, their character, specific objects from that person, details from their lives and of particular memories. Also it is possible to have a look at your own energy / aura and see what may be going on in your life at that moment and what your qualities are, or a combination of both.

At the moment I don’t take any bookings for private sittings because of the amount of work. There are some well trained mediums in Holland at the moment that do take bookings and I am happy to provide their details. During courses at the Zwanenhof I am available for sittings for students participating at the course.


A medium is the intermediate between the Spirit World and the physical world. A medium is able to become aware of and work with the Spirit World and translate this to the physical world. I see the Spirit World like ordinary people without their physical body. A medium can help you with your awareness of your own guides and helpers. A medium move his/her consciousness to the world of Spirit and opens him/herself up to the influences of this world. As a medium I am the connection between these two worlds who are in fact one. Our loved ones in the Spirit World are the same people with the same personality and character as they were living in the physical world. The physical problems, illness and pain they experience in their earthly life have disappeared. As a medium, I use my sensitivity to be able to communicate with the Spirit World.


A demonstration of mediumship is generally very comforting and moving for those who are sad about missing their deceased loved ones and would so much like to experience the feeling of contact with them once again. But these demonstration evenings are also extremely fascinating for those who are interested to know what really happens to you after death. I personally organize several mediumship demonstration evenings, on a large scale throughout the year, in De Zwanenhof together with colleagues that work at the Arthur Findlay College. There is also now and then the possibility to experience a demonstration of my students. Keep an eye on the website for information..


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