Healing Mediumship

Healing by the Spirit World

Healing mediumship is a form of healing whereby energy from the Spirit World is being used and transmitted through the mediumship of the healer to the client. This is possible when the healer puts his/her hands on the shoulders of the client, from a distance (the Spirit World is not dependent on time and place) or when the healer goes into a (light) altered state and there is no need to touch the client in the same room.

Healing is passive

Healing is a passive form of mediumship. The healer connects to the client and blends with the Spirit World so that he/she can be a passive channel for the healing energy. The connection for healing is deeper than when you work as a mental medium in the active way. There is no communication during the healing and if there is communication coming from the Spirit World, you are not on the right level in the healing process. Healing is passive, all you do is making yourself available for the Spirit World. At the start the contact between healer and client is magnetic, because we need to connect to our clients first. As soon as the energy is flowing more and the healer becomes more passive, the level of healing that is necessary can be achieved.

Forms of Healing

There are many forms of healing but from the Centre for Mediumship and Healing we work in cooperation with the Spirit World and also the healing is in cooperation with the unseen world. Holland knows no law in healing and a healer is no doctor. This form of healing is a powerful and an effective treatment that can help the client on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Healing mediumship can support the traditional medicine but you always need to stay under supervision of your own doctor. The Healing Code, as we know in England, is a guidance for healers that work for the Centre of Mediumship and Healing.

Healing is the most important aspect in all facets of mediumship. Whether it is a healing that you receive, a private sitting, demonstration or séance. When the soul is touched, healing can take place. There are no guarantees for recovery or results. Healing mediumship is a valuable additional method that can be used by the Spirit World to heal the causes of a problem and not only the symptoms. To be able to receive healing, it is vital to be open to it and to what can happen. Healing is safe for babies, young children, adults and animals.

Open Healing evenings

The Centre for Mediumship and Healing organizes Open Healing evenings every third Wednesday of the month. Healing is free of charge and you are very welcome to come and experience it yourself. It is also possible to develop your gifts as a healer within my own Centre but also there are some specialized weeks at the Zwanenhof. Please have a look at the page “Development”.

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