Recognized vocational education

Since August 2015 the Centre for Mediumship and Healing is recognized as a Centre for vocational education in the field of mediumship and personal development. In the register “Educations” the Centre for Mediumship and Healing is registered and approved. The Centre meets the Quality Code for Vocational Education in Holland and the Centre for Mediumship and Healing aims to keep the quality and variety in development routes of the highest possible standard.

Vision of the Centre for Mediumship and Healing

My vision on mediumship and its development has changed over the years because of the amount of wonderful experiences that I had in working with students and the Spirit World. The structure that I offered in courses (up until now) do not fit anymore. Mediumship is a state of being, not a state of doing. There is no teacher who can make you a medium. Only the Spirit World can do that and as a teacher I can help you, guide you through this process by providing a safe environment for exploring and unfolding your talents and potential. Personal development is very important and vital for me in the development of mediumship and you don’t need any ambition to become a medium to start with one of the development routes. Whatever way you choose and whatever route your soul asks for, you will come closer to yourself as an ever evolving human being. That is the greatest gift you can give to yourself!

Development route Mediumship

The Centre for Mediumship and Healing offers people the possibility to explore and develop their mediumistic and psychic abilities in a responsible way. Up to 2018 this was possible in a 3 year structure. However, this year I decided against starting a new group because of plans to change the structure and content. Existing groups will continue this year.

In 2019 the Centre will offer a new way for those who wish to explore and develop their mediumship with attention for your own uniqueness in mediumship, but also for those who wish to grow personally and spiritually. We are all different and our development is never the same. As a teacher I wish to consider that so that your own development can blossom in its own unique way. Development of mediumship goes hand in hand with personal development. That is needed, because as a medium it is expected from you that you have both feet on the ground and that you can be stable under sometimes difficult circumstances. You have to deal with emotions from people on both sides of life.

In the development process I wish not only to provide techniques and tools in mediumship, but also there is room for psychology, philosophy and ethics. Unfortunately, in Holland it is still a fact that everyone can call themselves a medium. There are some certified teachers in Holland who also work at the Arthur Findlay College - their is a need for good mediumship here. You don’t need any experience to be able to start your journey. In this development route you will get a proper foundation in mediumship - but remember that mediumship unfoldment is a life long journey. If you don’t have any ambition to become a medium, mediumship development can help you to come closer to yourself.

Development route Healing

Since 2016 it is possible to develop your healing mediumship abilities in a structured way. The program in 2018 consists of 6 days, each with a different theme. Also, somewhere in that year a week within the field of healing at the Zwanenhof as part of this route. At the end of the year you do a practical and theoretical assessment.

Healing is a different aspect within mediumship and development takes time, also for healing. Also in this development route there is attention for personal development and self healing.

In 2019 this development route will get another structure, so that the quality in healing, your strength and potential as a healer can be expressed more in your own unique way within the structure like we know this in Healing Mediumship. It will still be possible to be certified as a healer.

Development route Trance

Two trance development groups started in 2018 for those who have some experience in mediumship and/or (trance)healing. This development route offers the possibility under my guidance to develop and explore the altered states, levels of trance. It is a group where the focus is on experiencing and practising, in different situations and circumstances, the art of inspiration and trance speaking. A new group will start in 2019.

Development route Circle/Trance and Physical Mediumship

The first Circle days started very successfully in 2017. If you have a Circle yourself and you feel the need for individual tools, guidance in your process or advice, then please contact me. Of course it is always the Spirit World we need to listen to, they are leading, but I know from experience that the process, until the Spirit World is able to take guidance and lead you as a Circle, can be a complicated and sometimes lonely pathway. Our duty is to remove as many barriers as we can for the Spirit World so that they can help your Circle to develop.


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