Development moments Intuition and mediumship

A few times per year I organize moments of development in the area of psychic and mediumistic development. I offer those moments in my Centre as well as on other locations in the country and abroad. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to receive more information about the program. Please keep an eye on the website for further information and dates.

Development moment Intuition

We all have intuition. By developing this aspect of ourselves we become more aware and our spiritual development and personal growth is stimulated. Your view on life can change because of that deeper sense of who you are and what you can do. Your (latent) gifts will unfold, even if you think you don’t have these “gifts”. During these day(s) you develop your intuition and psychic ability and we use for instance: meditation, psychic reading, psychometry, colours, sensing an auric field, exercises in telepathy and working with cards etc…

Development moment Mediumship, the first step

If you would like to explore your mediumistic ability after your development moment in psychic development, you can make the next step and start exploring this aspect of your mediumship. During these day(s) we learn how to blend and connect to the Spirit World, we learn how to communicate with loved ones in Spirit using a picture, name or spontaneously. Also we learn how to “sense” the Spirit World. This moment of development is meant for people that have some experience with developing their intuitive and psychic abilities.

Development moment Healing mediumship

Would you like to help people with their physical, emotional or mental problems? This workshop can be a good start or an addition to the help you already offer. Healing mediumship means that with help from the Spirit World healing energy is being given to the person in need. By attunement and blending with the Spirit World, they are able to use healing frequencies for the person that receives the healing. You can find more information about this form of mediumship on the page: “Healing Mediumship” During these day(s) you will receive a lot of information about healing mediumship and you can practice a lot in couples under my guidance.

More moments of development

A few times per year I organize days in the field of trance (altered states), working with colour or a day about Circles and your development within the Circle. Please keep an eye on the website for more information.


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