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In 2009 I started with weekendworkshops in the field of mediumship and development. The first Weekend Special was organized by me in 2010 when I invited colllegues to work with me at this place. Since november 2012 a cooperation started between the Center of Mediumship and Training and the Zwanenhof. In 2013 and 2014, De Zwanenhof, in cooperation with Paul Jacobs, the Academy for Mediumship and the Center for Mediumship and Training, has organized a varied and unique trainingprogram whereby many aspects of mediumship can be practiced. In 2016 amd 2017 there will be another wonderful program! There will be groups for different levels within each course - whether it is an introduction weekend or a specialized course: there are beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Some groups are mixed level. The groups will be limited to 12-14 students. There will be lessons in your own group as well as meditations, lectures, tutorials and demonstrations.  You can also book an individual session with one of the teachers. You do not need to have the ambition of becoming a medium to follow a course. Participating in the course will bring you closer to your own strength and Spirit and help you to become a more complete person. In August 2015 the Centre for Mediumship and Training moved to the Zwanenhof where all activities are provided from there. Also within the cooperation, things will change a bit but we keep the quality and standard of mediumship and teaching as high as it is now.

England is the birthplace of Spiritualism. Nowhere else in the world is there as much knowledge of and experience with mediumship. The course teachers are all mediums who work on a high quality international level and most of them have been working for years at the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. They look forward to sharing their knowledge during the courses in Holland. The language used throughout the courses is English.

The courses will take place in De Zwanenhof in Zenderen, Holland. Since 1927 people have been coming to this beautiful, authentic building - with its exceptional chapel and lovely monastery gardens - for peace, spirituality and to find "meaning". This has made it into "a house with a soul"; a place where it feels "like coming home". The cooks at De Zwanenhof are more than willing to do their utmost to indulge your culinary desires. If you are a vegetarian or need to follow a diet, that will be taken into account.

The combination of an experienced and inspired team of teachers and mediums, the beautiful and charming De Zwanenhof and the team of personnel that has hospitality high up on their agenda, makes every training into a unique experience.

If you have any questions regarding the programs of the courses or other questions about the lessons, you can contact me. See the details on the contactpage of this website.

Below are all courses listed that I organize at the Zwanenhof in 2016:

Open Weekend:

Mediumship/healing weekend:


Trance en fysiek mediumschap:

De Zwanenhof


Inspiration " Celebration of Life" 3/1/2016


May I go with you?

In your story of a New Year

You write this chapter

And I read with you


May I go with you?

And hold your hand

If you need, I protect you

For distress in heart and soul


May I go with you?

To find your Self

Who you truly are

And can be in this world


May I go with you?

To where it is quiet

And if you need to cry

I share your tears


May I go with you?

And share in your happiness

If you laugh and enjoy

I laugh with you


May I go with you?

If you continue to write your book

A story about life

Life that belongs to you


May I go with you?

And tell you

That death is an illusion

And that I am your reality


May I go with you?

Iam only a thought away

In 2016, together and not alone