Intuitive and mediumistic workshops in Holland and abroad

Several times a year I provide courses and workshops on intuitive and mediumistic development in the center but also abroad. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you would like information on the courses and workshops that are offered. Do you wish to organize a workshop in your own country, please contact me for information and I'll be happy to come abroad if possible. You can also register for the newsletter so that you will receive it automatically in your mailbox. 

Intensive mediumship training

The center for Mediumship and Training offers people the possibility to discover and develop their mediumistic talents, in an intensive and responsible manner, within a 3-year course. You can register per year and you are not obliged to follow the complete 3 years. This course is a serious education for people who not only want to develop and discover their mediumship but also want to grow in spirituality and personality as an individual. Development in mediumship goes hand in hand with personal development. That is just as well because in this occupation you are expected to have both feet on the ground and to be steady in situations that can be difficult at times. You have to be able to deal with the emotions of the people that come to you and you are also influenced by the emotions from the Spirit World.
In this course I would also like to make a distinction and to endow participants not only with mediumship techniques but also with some psychology, philosophy and ethics. In Holland it is still, unfortunately, the tendency that people can just hang a medium sign on their door and I find this very regrettable. There are, in Holland, a few certified teachers associated to the Arthur Findlay College but the quality of mediumship in Holland is still too low, considering the increasing need of good mediumship in this country. You can, of course, obtain more information from me on this course. You do not need to have any (mediumship) experience to be able to start. For those who completed the 3 year course with me and want to continue their unfoldment with some guidance, the PLUS program will be offered.

Intensive Healing Training

Since 2016 it is possible to attend a healing course over 1 year of training. Do you wish to discover your healing potential and develop it or are you already a healer and do you wish to deepen that aspect of your mediumship? Then this might be the training for you! 

Trance Development Group

In 2018 there will be a group with the focus on development of altered states and trance (speaking). This is not suitable for beginners!

Basic intuitive development course

Everyone has intuition. By developing this you can expand your awareness and stimulate your spiritual development and personal growth. Your view of life can change through a deeper understanding of who you are and what your abilities are. Your (latent) existing talents come to the surface, even if you never thought you had any talents or that they would ever be at your disposal! In this course you will develop your intuition further, through meditation, psychic reading, psychometry, colour symbolism, feeling your own and somebody else’s aura, telepathy exercises, working with cards, etcetera. The course will be provided from 10.00 to 17.00, over a period of 2 days.

Mediumship for beginners

If you enjoyed the basic intuitive development course and would like to develop yourself even further you can take this subsequent course. In this course you will learn to make contact with the Spirit World, to communicate with deceased loved ones -via a photo, a name or spontaneously - and how to ‘feel’ the Spirit World. This course is intended for those who have followed the basic course or have already had some experience regarding intuitive development. You will learn a lot about yourself during this course. Regaining ‘sight’ of your family and/or friends can lead to moving occasions but you can be sure there will be just as much laughter too! 

Healing mediumship course

Would you like to help people relieve their physical, emotional or mental symptoms? Then this workshop will be a good start or a supplement to the help you already provide. Healing Mediumship means that healing is given, to those who ask for it, via the Spirit World. When you have tuned yourself to the energy of the Spirit World they can send you healing frequencies which are specifically adapted to the problems of the person who receives the healing. During the healing the medium can place his/her hands on clients back or head, whilst the client is sitting relaxed in a chair. The energy from the Spirit World can flow to every part of the body that needs it, through the hand-contact with the client’s head and back. You can also give healing without contact and at a distance. It is not the intention that you use your own energy for the healing, otherwise there is a great chance that you will end up needing a healing yourself! A healing works not only on your physical body but also on your mental state, your emotional state of mind and your spiritual development. During this workshop you will receive a lot of information on Healing Mediumship. You will be working in pairs and I will give you individual instruction.

Other workshops:

Throughout the year I organize some day and weekend courses on (trance)healing and trance. If you have an interest in this field, please contact me.

De Zwanenhof

I started with workshops at the Zwanenhof in 2009. Since November 2012 a cooperative has been started up between the Center for Mediumship and Training and De Zwanenhof in Zenderen. Since 2013 there is an intensive cooperation between De Zwanenhof, Paul Jacobs, the Academy for Mediumship in Naarden and the Center for Mediumship and Training.During several weeks/weekends we are organizing a number of mediumship courses, whereby colleague teachers, associated with Stansted, will be providing the lessons. For details on the courses, prices and accomodation for 2015 and 2016, visit the Zwanenhofpage on this website. In August 2015 the Center for Mediumship and Training moved to the Zwanenhof, having its own space and identity.