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Throughout my life I have felt a lot of things intuitively and as I child I was always very sensitive. My spiritual development really moved ahead after I came in touch with various forms of energetic work. In this period I discovered that I was sometimes getting information from the Spirit World. At that time I didn’t really do anything active with this ability. Shortly after I commenced my work as a natural health practitioner I started to become increasingly aware that I could make contact with people from the Spirit World. It was then that I decided to follow courses in the field of mediumship. I have completed the 3-year education at the Academy for mediumship. I have also visited the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted regularly and intensively for training. I am glad that I have had this intensive education and feel priviliged that I was invited to do the Teacher Training at the Arthur Findlay College, because mediumship work involves an extremely great amount of responsibility. On the one hand you are helping people who come to you with their problems and on the other you find yourself in a subtle, Spirit World where you endeavor to interpret correctly the energy in all its detail. If you are not trained to excellence as a medium, inaccuracies could be told and this could cause damage to people who, in turn, could make decisions that are not in their best interests. I am a member of the Spiritualists National Union since October 2008 and in August 2012 I was certified as a medium according to the standards of the Spiritualist National Union in England for demonstration mediumship and public speaking. Since 2015 Iam a full tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.

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