Medium - Contactperson

A medium is the intermediate between the Spirit World and the physical world. A medium is able to become aware and work with the Spirit World and translate this to the physical world. I see the Spirit World like ordinary people without their physical body. A medium can help you with your awarenness of your own guides and helpers. A medium move his/her conciousness to the world of Spirit and opens him/herself up to the influences of this world. As a medium I am the connection between these 2 world who are in fact one. Our loved ones in the Spirit World are the same people with the same personality and character as they were living in the physical world. There physical problems, ilnesses and pain they experiences in their earthly life have dissapeared. As a medium, I use my sensitivity to be able to communicate with the Spirit World.

Everyone is sensitive and able to develop their psychic faculty. Everyone can have an experience with the spirit world but I believe that true mediums are born.  A medium does not only provide evidence of life after death. There are still often unanswered questions and sometimes our loved ones are able to give us the support we need. As a medium I want to show people that there is no death, that our loved ones are still very alive, experiencing a new aspect of life and that they still are in touch with us.